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Sony’s Foolish Failure to Learn From Microsoft’s Mistake

Microsoft has learned a lot of very hard lessons over the last couple of decades, and it continues to surprise and annoy me that other firms seem to have the suicidal tendency to learn the same lessons the hard way. It is far better and cheaper to avoid the mistakes of others, but firms like Apple, Google and, most recently, Sony seem to want to experience past Microsoft disasters first hand.

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Cython 0.27 speeds Python by moving away from oddball syntax

Cython, the toolkit that allows Python code to be converted to high-speed C code, has a new 0.27 release that can now use Python’s own native typing syntax to speed up the Python-to-C conversion process.

Previously, Cython users could accelerate Python only by decorating the code with type annotations in a dialect peculiar to Cython. Python has its own optional syntax for variable type annotation, but Cython didn’t use it.

With Cython 0.27, Cython can now recognize PEP 526-style type declarations for native Python types, such as str or list. The same syntax can also be used to explicitly define native C types, using declarations like declaration like var: = 32.

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